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    Tall gal pantyhose

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone tell me which brand is best for tall gals. I am 6 foot and it is sometime difficult to find pantyhose long enough. I like sheer to waist pantyhose 10-15-20 deniers without back panel. I know Etherno are longer but the very shinny pantyhose are not my faverite. I donít see to may threads for Oroblu but up to now those are the longest I found that fit me well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Happy New Years to all hosiery lovers

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    Morning Angie.
    I was going to suggest CDR brand pantyhose but if you dont care for shiny hose then these wont be a good choice. What color pantyhose do you usually wear hun? Hudson matt finish are Great pantyhose, l love them. Platino make a fabulous matt hose too!
    Happy new year hun, good luck

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