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    Everyday hose! Summer 2020!

    Hi All!

    I'm under no illusion, in my opinion, that pantyhose/sheer nylons/sheer tights wearing by males in the same way women wear them will be super accepted by the rest of society any time soon. In fact, as we know, in North America at least, women are wearing sheer hose less and less, but black seems more common for dressier occasions. However, now with the quarantine, we're not dressing up at all for anything. Formal wear, and making an effort to wear unique, fashionable clothing has definitely become a lower priority because no one is really going to see anyone else, unless going to the grocery store (certainly not the work place or parties -- for me at least). Fine hosiery is dressy/fussy. Takes care, but as we know its worth it, especially for those like me, who love wearing hosiery.

    Counter point to this, if society focuses more on men's legs as an alluring part of anatomy (which is happening with men's athletic tights, and leggings), room for sheer hosiery for men will slowly be more acceptable, but not necessary with high heels, or feminine shoes. Still, if men want to wear hosiery and shoes in a more feminine style, I'm all for it. I've certainly done it.

    All this being said, during quarantine, I've been pretty much wearing pantyhose every day with shorts around the house and when I go out on my daily exercise walk around the neighborhood. I live in a hilly part of the San Francisco Bay Area, so I can get a nice walk with verticals in to get my heart rate up a bit, but I also can take a bicycle ride, nice road bike, (hosiery less often on the bike) and get a good ride in pretty close to my house.

    I prefer very sheer hose (deniers: 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, and even some 20's that appear more sheer on the legs) when I walk about, and want a pretty good close match to my skin, or one shade slightly darker for a little bit of healthy skin color. Naturally, I'm your average white bloke of English/Irish ancestry, but I'm not a ginger, so my skin is fairly typical, and not ultra white... wearing hose with a hint of color looks nice.

    Here are the brands and styles I've been wearing lately here in Summer:
    - Cecilia de Rafael - DIVINE 9 - Gobi (perfect color)
    - Cecilia de Rafael - Samburu - New Sahara 9- Natural
    - Cecilia de Rafael - Breeze 8 - Natural
    - Cecilia de Rafael - Malaga - Natural

    - Kunert - Mystique 20 - Cashmere - (You wouldn't think these would be sheer enough, but they kinda work)

    - Oroblu - Peal 15 - Nude/Sun - (Sun is a bit too dark for me, but I love the look)

    You'll notice that these are not shiny. I prefer matte hose most of the time anyhow.

    I collect and buy a lot of hose from all over the place, always curious. I have many other hose that would qualify too -- not too perceptible, fit my 5'11 frame and weight, so I'll probably branch out and try other styles/brands too being out and about ... but the above mentioned ones have worked best for me. Also to note, during normal none quarantine time, I wear hosiery without socks under pants, and will wear thicker denier styles too, and darker colors. Thigh highs work best for me when I have to wear pants. But for shorts, pantyhose are fine, I'm just noting the above as styles that have worked well for me being out and about.

    - Hunter

    I think I'll start posting some pictures soon for comparison if anyone is interested.
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    hunterloveshose, it's great that you are wearing what you like to wear everyday!

    I hope men wearing hosiery gets more acceptable especially more shiny ones and darker colored ones. Although I haven't had adverse reactions from people while wearing more natural colored ones, I'm still timid to try ones that's definitely darker than my skin tone.

    In terms of products, which one would you recommend to someone who's looking for more durable sheer pair (below 10 denier)? I have several sub 10 denier pairs but usually wear 15-20 ones instead because the former is very delicate and doesn't last long.

    Also, I have both new sahara and breeze but hard time differentiating the difference. How do they compare in terms of shine and robustness?

    Lastly, feel free to share your pictures!

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    Bay Area, California

    True, new sahara and breeze are pretty similar (I love how you know your brands and styles!) ...

    Breeze: 95/6.5 nylon/spandex
    New Sahara: 92/8 nylon/lycra

    New Sahara is less stretchy (slightly) than Breeze, and New Sahara appears just a tad shiner, IMHO. As far as robustness, my hose tend to last a fairly long time, but having so many pairs, I can't quite tell you which ones last longest. In my history, I've had more Breeze than New Sahara... just recently stocked up on New Sahara, so we'll see.

    BUT I can't recommend high enough DIVINE 9. Those are my absolute fave 3d style, very sheer pantyhose that are hardly detectable on the legs. Only comes in three colors: Dore (too light for me), Gobi (about right), Moreno (too tan, but I love them). Out of the package, they feel like they'd be scratchy, but the amazing 3d fit of them is perfect when on the legs.

    ... working on those pictures.

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    Im wearing hosiery pretty much daily now under my boy clothes. As its gotten warmer im liking a 20d or 40 d Elly stocking rather than the 70d stay ups ive worn all winter. The 70d stay ups are great for days when i have a lot of driving to do. The garter belt feels great under my jeans and the gentle tugs as I move keep reminding me of what im wearing.

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