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    Recommendations Please

    Hey guys and gals

    I am new to the 40 den world and i am looking for some help. The only pair of 40 den i have ever tried has been wolford neon 40 and dont get me wrong they are great but expensive and i know there has to be others out there that are just as good if not better.

    So what i am looking for is shiny (shinier the better), slippery, smooth and durable in a 40 den?


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    Good morning,
    I'm not sure what shades you prefer to wear, but these pantyhose in a 40 den are fabulous!

    Goldline 40
    Onix 40
    Soleil 40
    and the very silkiest,
    Silk 40

    These are all available here at Shapings.

    Good luck and enjoy whatever you slip into.



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    Christina, I agree with Silkylegs69, I own all those styles and I believe they will be a great addition to your hosiery collection. I have all the styles myself and feel they are a very good and less expensive alternative to the Neon 40s which I also have in my collection.

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    Hi Christina, my favorite is 30-40 denier because they are more robust than 15-20 and hides imperfections on your legs better.

    I would put Neon 40 on "brilliant" category: the pantyhose looks like it's composed of millions of small diamonds. The other category is "sheen" category: a soft sheen appears on the fabric. To understand their difference, go to Shapings's images of Onix 40 and compare them against those Rubino 40. Pay attention to the close up the images highlighting the model's leg, On Onix 40, you can see many tiny bright dots outside of the main glow area. On the other hand, on Rubino 40, there's no such dots and the glow overall is more smooth/blurry. One category isn't better than the other; it's just a matter of preference. I like "sheen" category better because I think it gives more natural shine. For your preference, you should pick the ones from "brilliant" category. I do recommend trying out the other category if you don't have any.

    Now to answer your question, Silkylegs69 brought up some good products and I'd like to categorize them while adding other products as well.
    Brilliant (not in particular order):
    - Diana 40
    - Dorella 40
    - Onix 40
    - Luxor 40 by Omero
    - Magie 40

    Sheen (not in particular order):
    - Rubino 40
    - Silk 40
    - Luxe 40 (it seems to be renamed to Premium 40)
    - Total Comfort 40
    - Gemini 40
    - Top 30
    - Sensual 30
    - Opaque 30 by Ibici
    - Neide 40 by Omero

    I included brand names on some products because you won't find them on the list of 30-40 denier category. Seems like the webmaster forgot to add the products when they introduce the new brands a few years ago. PM me if you'd like to hear my thoughts on a specific product.

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