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    Thigh Highs - Without the Silicone Grips

    I'm hoping someone can point me to a brand of stay-up thigh highs that do not have the sticky/grabby silicone band on the underside of the lace tops - thxs!!!

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    Quite honestly, I dont believe that there are such a stocking out there.
    Contact Robert at Shapings.com . If he cant help you find them, then they probably dont exist.

    Good luck .

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    Thigh highs without the silicone would simply be regular stockings. You’d need a garter belt to hold them up though.

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    I never liked stay up stockings. For my wife and I the look of a sexy garter belt pulling tightly on sheer seamed stockings has a much more preferred look. We have been playing with layering the past few years. My wife started with black seamed stockings garter belt over black Platino Cleancut 15s. The look and feel is amazing. Then she did the same but put another pair of black Cleancuts over the the stockings garter belt and pantyhose. OMG 3 layers of nylon gives off such an amazing sheen. This has been her preferred look for while now

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