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    Coronavirus and the Persistent Longing for Pantyhose

    I don't know if anyone will read this under the present life changing circumstances, but it seriously may be a very good time to stock up on pantyhose. If we are going to spend so much time indoors, why not slip into a pair of silky, shiny, erotic nylons? There's never been a better time to feel feminine by having our legs encased in a favorite pair of pantyhose, possibly alternating that with the occasional girlie panties. This is no time to abandon the luxury of pantyhose. They're still awesome as usual. Let's face it, it's our go-to pick me up. If I am going to be inside, I want it to be a nylon-clad existence... maybe some Vidrio 15s or Platino Nacars or a delicious pair of seamless Sevilla Libero 15s.

    It may be a troubling time but how much time can a person spend scrounging for groceries? We need stuff, for sure, but why can't I relax in a pair of sensuous pantyhose, crossing my legs, feeling one leg glide smoothly over the other as I rub my hands over the silky nylon? There is going to be some stress but I'd like to balance that with the submission of my nakedness to the cloying confines of sheer nylon femininity. There has never been a greater need for nylon... maybe even a pair of stockings with some crotchless panties. Am I the only one thinking about pantyhose possibilities? I hope not!

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    No you're not. When shelter-in-place hit, after a couple weeks... I just started wearing pantyhose everyday with shorts around the house. Made me feel human again ;-) Also would wear them out and about on hikes or walks for exercise.

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