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    Crossdresser seeks recommendation...

    Hi, I'm a Canadian crossdresser with a long-running pantyhose fetish. I find the models, photography and products here first class - thank you to those who've made the effort to produce such a stunning site. So many styles to choose from! So I'm seeking a little help for my shopping cart. Can anyone narrow down to three pairs of pantyhose for me? I do like 20-40 denier and glossy, but not exclusively so. Sheer to waist or control top. Open to any suggestions - Thanks, Mysty.

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    This reminds me of the times when I first discovered this website. It was heaven! Personally, I think you should get at least 6 pairs to get 15% discount. From this I recommend:

    10-20 Denier
    Eterno 10 SL or Eterno 12 Breeze by CDR
    Magie 20 by Oroblu
    Top 20 Lucido by Silvia Grandi

    30-40 Denier
    Luxe 40 by Platino
    Luxor 40 by Omero
    Leg Control 40 by Kunert

    Not a big fan:
    Eterno 15: Not very forgivng size. If you want Eterno, get the ones I recommend above.
    Eterno 20 SL: Too long. This issue may have been fixed but when I first bought this, both leg and the torso part of the pair was too long. Not impressed with the shine either.
    Sevilla 15: Too rough surface. It's fine when you wear by itself but good luck wearing them under pants
    Vidrio 15: Too weak. Very glossy but I think it's too delicate, considering it's 15 denier. This pair feels like 5 denier one.

    Have fun shopping!

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    knhot and Sylkenmyst... good list and they are what I also recommend. I would also like to add, the Eterno 20 SL I go down 1 size since I am on the border between size 4 and 5. I find the gloss on these very attractive as well. The Sevilla are not as smooth as other styles and brands but I wear them frequently and in my opinion just as glossy as the Vidrio's but without the reinforced toe. There has been debate between the Eterno 15 and the Platino Cleancut 15 and I think both are great for for everyday wear or even transitioning into the evening with friends. Ultimately, it may be a good idea to experiment with the multiple styles until you find something that works well for you and what you want to accomplish. Good Luck and happy shopping.

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    Excellent - really appreciate the suggestions. Very helpful.

    Cheers, Mysty

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    CDR Eterno Breeze 12's!
    You want slippery? Get some! They are the BEST!
    As well the CDR Super Lucidio's! Can't go wrong with CDR!

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    Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 10 ALL THE WAY! Shiny Soft and Slippery and Super Thin
    Cecilia de Rafael Onix 40 Very Shiny like Wolfords and Quite Soft as well.

    Those are the 2 styles I would choose. I know you said 3 but those 2 will do you just fine...trust me. Start there, then work your way out. I say one can NEVER have too many pairs of hose and Variety is a Must as well. Although I challenge you to find a better overall style than the Cdr Eterno Super Lucido 10s
    Heels & Hose Lover

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