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    Seamless in different colors?

    Why is it that it is so difficult to find seamless pantyhose in colors other than the standard blacks, tans, and beiges? I know there's the new CDR Sevillo Libero, but I would really like to see something with a matte finish. I kick myself daily for not snatching up the Nicoles when the turquoise was still in production.

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    Only thing I can think about doing is on Shapings site type in search box seamless pantyhose and do a web search am sure you will come up with many options. Then you have to decide what colors you like and what denier then Matte or glossy myself I like glossy unless can't get it then I will buy Matte one's.

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    Wolford Used to make the Fatal 15 style in Many Many different shades. However, these shades have long been discontinued. The only reason I mention it is because they can occasionally be found on Ebay. Good luck! I ALSO just LOVE Colors, especially Neon Colors and it also pains me that many hosiery manufacturers don't make many colors/shades available for their styles. This never used to be a thing in the past, but for the last decade or so, it has been HELL trying to find Colors. Cecilia de Rafael have caught onto this trend and have been making many shades available for their styles for years, but they still don't offer neon colors outside of their Incredibly Popular Sevilla line. I hope they decide to one day release the Libero 15s in Neon shades...I would be in Pantyhose Heaven if they did that!!! Bright Neon Pink and Super Bright Purple, and Turquoise Blue...OH MY!!! Please CdR Please do this!!! Also bring those Eterno Super Lucido 10s out in Neon shades. Hell, what I wouldn't give for CdR To make a Seamless Eterno Super Lucido 10 and in Neon shades. They would be the Best Ever if they did that!!
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