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    Thank you for the kind words Toolman and glossyph1!

    I'd like to update that I've hit a big milestone. I wore a high-waisted short shorts with a shiny pantyhose (Gabriella Exclusive 20) to a mall and shopped for a few hours. My shiny legs kept distracted me so I had to stop appreciate the shimmer from time to time.

    I had no adverse reactions. As before, people doesn't care that much though I would never be able to hear what people walking behind me commenting on me wearing a shiny pair of pantyhose. Store clerks were friendly as well. I had lots of items to return after some online shopping so I spend good amount of time waiting in line and talking to cashier for returns. They all treated me like a normal person.

    However, one guy kept staring at me from time to time while I was waiting in line to enter a store. I was looking at my phone but I could notice his stare. That was the only negative experience.

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    Fantastic feedback, knhot! Glad to hear you had a pleasant experience while shopping. The individual who was staring at you on the other hand, may not have been doing so in a negative context. It's possible he himself is a wearer, or is envious or curious as to what wearing pantyhose feels like on the legs. Looking at various postings on the forum and elsewhere, It appears a lot of men who do wear pantyhose, don't have the support from loved ones, and therfore wear in secrecy. He might be one of those individuals, but the important point here is you didn't experience any personal confrontation from anyone.

    Speaking from personal experience, I have found that by just going about your day normally [ as you did] and with confidence, even if you weren't wearing pantyhose, seems to help people realize that it's just an article of clothing, nothing more. I go everywhere in pantyhose and shorts during the summer--I don't act any different when I'm in pantyhose; I'm the same person no matter what I wear, and I think people pick up on that.

    No doubt there are people who may stare or make comments behind our backs, but isn't that just human nature? We all have opinions. We shouldn't worry about what the rest of the public think--If we worried about every negative comment or a different opinion that was made to us in life, we would never venture out in public, for fear of rejection. Thankfully, we are all individuals, and should be allowed to express ourselves as such.

    I hope your next venture out in public is just as pleasant and rewarding to you. Thanks for sharing your experience with us-it helps us fellow wearers in gaining more exposure, and getting us one step closer to acceptance. Can't wait to hear about more experiences in the future.
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    knhot,you're welcome. Glad you had a great outing in glossy pantyhose. I hope this experience is boosts your confidence and you continue to wear glossy pantyhose with your favorite wardrobe out in public. My compliments to you on not getting discouraged due to 1 in significant experience. We are here to support and encourage each other whatever we decide to wear.

    I could not have said it better Toolman!

    We are here to suppo

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