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    Yes it certainly makes my classes much more enjoyable and I look forward all week to it. Still no comments from anyone. We sometimes get a newcomer to the lesson that I catch looking in the direction of my legs but I just try not to second guess what they are thinking (they are probably just pondering if they left the gas on at home!).

    Last week my wife needed me to get some stuff from the supermarket after my lesson. This seemed like quite a big step for me but I thought it would be exciting so decided not to go home first to change clothes. I was in the shop for about half an hour, I passed a lot of people and even spoke to a shop assistant. Nothing. I didn’t detect any odd looks at all. Maybe the biggest problem is in my own head and I’m over thinking it. I’m gradually getting more and more confident and that in itself feels good.

    For the next step I would love to find something slightly less opaque and a bit more shiny and smooth that I can still wear without having to wear shorts on top of. So far I can’t find anything suitable.

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    Seamline, it's great that your confidence is growing and seems to be understanding or at least tolerant. Try Ebay, Amazon, UKTights, The Tight Spot or Hosieree.com they may have what you are looking for if Shapings doesn't have what you are looking for.

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