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    Why Do You Wear Tights / Pantyhose?

    I'm posting this in the Men's forum because it might be interesting to see why various men wear tights and or pantyhose. I'll start:

    I wear tights / pantyhose for two primary reasons. In the winter, I get cold so I wear them under my pants for the added warmth. My office can be quite cold at times, especially on the floor and the added warmth provided by the tights is great. I sometimes wear long underwear instead, but find that to not be as comfortable and my feet still get cold unless I wear two pairs of socks. I have the added problem in winter of often getting chilblains on my toes which is really unpleasant. If I can keep my feet warm enough during the winter I can avoid that problem. Last winter was the first winter in about 8 or 10 years that I did not have a problem with chilblains.

    The second reason I like to wear tights is that I think they feel great on my legs. I like very much the gentle hugging support they provide. Some people like this feeling and some do not. I believe that is true of both males and females. I happen to be one that really likes it.

    Those are my primary reasons. I'll also admit that I like they way they cover some of my skin imperfections, but that isn't so important since I only wear them under my pants and nobody sees that except me so I don't include that as a primary reason.

    Why do you wear them?


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    First it's because i like texture...and for all others good reasons !

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    because they just feel great....and the idea that i wear something that is considered intimate female apparel also is part of the appeal....i don't know, guess i just relate to them a bit more when i wear, and i'm comfortable with the feminine side of myself, which i think every guy has but doesn't fully appreciate.

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    Love the feel of hose. Shaving my legs makes them feel much better. warmth in winter is just an added benefit.

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    Natural wearer

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    The feeling nice hosiery on smooth legs is sensational, plus I really like the look of hosiery on nice legs.
    It much more appealing to see hosiery on legs than bare skinned.
    Just luv that they are more men enjoying the same benefits women have enjoyed for years!

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    I love the way they feel and the way they look on me, especially when I shave my legs. And also because a lot of the times (especially during TX "winters") they offer just the right amount of warmth.

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    I myself wear both love them all the feel the look of my legs when on plus the warmth on cold days would never wear long johns again they are to bulky and when you sweat they are cold so lets go hose

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    Hi everyone. I've been lurking for just a couple of months on and off, and I thought this would be the best topic for a first post. I've been wearing since a young age, and while it's not a requirement that I wear all the time, it's like second nature when I do.

    I am a professional with a regular day job, I would consider myself a normal, masculine, well-adjusted, and generally accepted guy. I mention this because I think if a person is accepted normally, then I don't believe that should change for a seemingly private item of clothing. At least this is the way I think of nylons. (note: I use the term nylons generically for pantyhose and opaque tights- I don't wear sheer holdups or stockings).

    I don't overtly make it obvious that I'm wearing, but if someone is paying attention, then they just might see that flash of nylon-clad skin! I don't add to my public "nylons-wearing" with female clothing, accessories, and shoes, that is my line that I won't cross in daily life. If another guy does it, I would just smile and kind of understand where he's coming from. Live and let live.

    I love wearing nylons, and I love it when women wear nylons. For me, they can be practical to wear, but more importantly, they're pleasurable to wear! I have always loved the way they look and feel, especially sheer matte nylons that give that powdery appearance and soft, creamy feeling against my skin.

    My favorite styles are sheer-to-waist and seamless matte sheer nylons, so I prefer nylons that hold the shape of my legs, butt, and waist, not the other way around by constricting or attempt to shape my body/ extremities through control.

    Warmth is a reason sometimes, but it's not THE reason. Medical reasons, I have good circulation, so I don't have any medical reasons so far. I said that it's become second nature, but when I wear, I still feel the thrill of naughtiness and of possibly being caught from wearing something "forbidden". But it's not forbidden at all! That's another thread, though.

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    I must admit that I've been totally addicted to pantyhose since the first time I wore them as a pre-teen. Nothing else I've ever worn or done for that matter, makes me feel so incredibly good. I spend as much time as possible wearing them and I never feel totally comfortable without them. Unfortunately wearing pantyhose to work during warmer weather is just not doable, given the type of work I do,and I can't wait to get home, strip off my work clothes, shower, and get into my pantyhose and feel good again. It's always so frustrating to have to take off my pantyhose that I've slept in and dress for work! Maybe it's time to find another profession.

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