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    Nov 2013

    Christmas at Shapings ad

    Wow....got admit Robert's camera is working OT. ...some stunning pics.

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    Nov 2013
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Couldn't agree more, just mind blowing the shots of the Top20 Lucido

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    Wowie, I'm excited to try on the red and blue hue's.. remind's me of my childhood wearing my sister's hose. Perfect timing to buy for my Christmas treat for my girlfriend and my self...

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    Nov 2013
    Roberts work is truly outstanding....... Pantyhose has never looked so good....

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    Nov 2013
    North of Toronto, Canada
    The Top 20 Lucido come in some very nice colours. I have said this to Nicole via email but I think it bears saying again here on the forum, the photography really is one of the things that makes Shapings.com stand out from the crowd. Most sites simply use the picture from the package or from the manufacturer's website. There are a few sites I've visited that do their own photography but it is rarely high res and done on location or a properly staged studio. I really can't imagine any other site that would take the trouble to photograph their model in several different colours of the same hose. Most would take one picture and photoshop the different colours. I've even heard of sites that photoshop the entire pair of hose onto a picture of a nude model. Not the same thing at all. The photos are key in my decisions of what to buy as well as being a pleasure to look at. I have printed some out to hang on my bedroom wall. But back to the hose. I have I think two pairs of Silvia Grandi, the Shapings brand Corinne made by SG and the Sweet Cotton. They really are a good fit for longer legs and as you'd expect, top quality. If there's any money left after Christmas I may well treat myself.

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    Nick.... "A picture paints a thousand words....."

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    Thank you all for the comments, I do appreciate it and makes the overwhelming job of producing these photos worth while. I have always said to myself, being a hosiery fan, "what would I like to see when I shop for hose". Well, great photos of real models without too much over touching is key.
    I love doing the location shoots as it brings the hose to another dimension and makes for some nice texture behind the main subject.

    This last shoot was done in Florence Italy at the Villa Nardi. www.villanardi.it

    It was a 2 week trip as I was meeting with some other manufacturers and Silvia herself was at this shoot performing the wardrobing duties.

    The attached photo is showing me lugging close to 200 pounds of luggage and photo/video equipment getting to ready to board the Bernina Express from Tirano Italy to Chur Switzerland. My back pack holding the Hasselblad and laptop that secured all these images was never left alone.

    We will be producing the behind scenes video of this shoot soon, but lots of footage to go through.
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