Do you have a favorite brand and type of pantyhose? What are the qualities which make it so? Here are some of my choices. The important factors ,of course, are LOOKS, FEEL, FIT:

Fogal Light and Cool LC 102 (8 denier I think) , especially in colors Fuchsia or Blanc Hiver. Their FEEL and MATT LOOK are just a sensual delight. They have a lovely narrow waist band. The fit, for me - size L - is good. Ecstasy!

Fogal Catwalk. 10 denier. Beautiful waistband, superb quality, out -of -this- world feel and appearance.

Wolford Individual 10. One of my long time favorites. Size Medium fits me just the way I like. Matt. Very clingy and elastic. Hard to define, but the mesh has a distinctive, gorgeous look against the skin. Black, Nearly Black, Anthracite, Steel, Fog, Cosmetic, are great shades. These tights are a sensualist's delight!

Wolford Neon 40. Incredible, shiny slippery tights. I've only tried the Cosmetic shade so far, but have a couple more still in packets. They make some great "Trend" colors from time to time, which quickly sell out.

Wolford Stay Hip 12 denier. Fabulous fit. Very sexy.

Cervin Pigalle. Beautiful suspender type stockings / pantyhose. Oh, wow!

Jonathan Aston 40 denier opaque. Great range of colours. Super fit, appearance, and sexy feel.

Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla. Super colors. Feel good, GREAT fit - nice and long in the leg, so they can be pulled right up, to fit EVERY contour!

BZR ombre / gradient tie - die color pantyhose - just AMAZING for beautiful color! Virivee also make a similar range. Well worth looking at.

I could mention more, but I had better stop for now. The truth is, it is so hard to limit one's self - there are just so many fabulous pantyhose out there. It's a never ending quest to find the ultimate pair! And I want to try them all!

PS. Please forgive me if this topic has already been covered.