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    Sep 2017
    I like the variety in women's hosiery. Men's are very boring, only opaque black, brown, or navy blue.

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    Feb 2014
    Have to agree men's hosiery is boring same old earth to colors all I buy is women's pantyhose and tights better choice of colors. Then men's tights are over priced just because they are labeled men's hosiery.

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    I think generally fabrics for menís underwear are not as soft or good quality as those for women. Their hosiery is so much better than those aimed at men and I want to buy something that has a picture of a woman on the front showing off her sexy legs, this is the image that ultimately sells it to me. I donít need it to be ďmade for menĒ to justify the purchase to myself. The main problem I have are those tights that have a high waist. Iím not an hour glass shape so the top rolls down and so I have to fold it back on itself which is uncomfortable. The advent of more Hipster style tights has solved this problem for me and they generally have a better waistband to keep them up.

    If I were a tights manufacturer I would produce a range of female tights that were secretly unisex in design. So a hipster waist and some kind of panel at the front that could accommodate a male anatomy if required. It could aid ventilation and still look feminine, it just needs a bit of innovative thinking to get the right balance of needs. It wouldnít be marketed as unisex because that would put women off and me (sorry but I love the naughtiness of it being for females). How would it sell then? Well word of mouth on forums like this and the back of the packaging would strongly hint, through a diagram/picture of the features, to any prospective male buyers that it would fit them better than other brands. After descovering how well they fit he would keep going back to buy more. I donít think if it were designed well that it would put off female wearers.

    Basically womenís tights just need some small design tweaks not a complete overhaul and manufacturers could then tap into a bigger market.

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    Ottawa, ON
    Men must find online pantyhose (regardless of marketing to men or women) that suits their needs.
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    I totally agree hose52. The main reason I have always loved pantyhose has to do with how they look on women and the "forbidden" act of slipping into the very same erotic tights that cause me to lust after these libidinous treats.
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