I have always thought that the old Platino Cleancut 15 was the most silky and most comfortable pantyhose and I have been finding a pantyhose that resembles or surpasses the silkiness & comfortable feeling of Cleancut 15. However, I still have not found one. The closest one I found is Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Pois Pantyhose. I found that the yarn of Eterno Pois is the most silky among the pantyhoses that I have ever tried (not counting the original Cleancut) and most resembles Cleancut, even silkier than Eterno 10 SL and Eterno 20 SL.

Unfortunately, it is not sheer. The surface is full of rough Polka Dots, making the overall texture of Eterno Pois less silky than it will be if it is totally (without the Polka Dots) sheer.

I see from shapings that it is made of "Eterno Breeze 15 yarn", but I found it is not the same as the yarn of Eterno 15. Could Shapings please ask CdR to manufacture a Sheer to Waist (without those Polka Dots) pantyhose using the Eterno Pois yarn? Thank you so much.