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    Dec 2015

    Finally Had The Talk!!

    So, last night I finally worked up the courage to have the hosiery talk with my wife...

    Since we started dating over 15 years ago, she has kind of known that I like pantyhose and other hosiery, and has even occasionally entertained my fetish by wearing them together with me in bed (I would kinda make her by laying them out for her). I would buy them for her, and she would usually just stuff them in her drawer for the next 6 or 8 months and think nothing of it. I continued to grow frustrated with the situation of hiding how much I think about hosiery and how much I want this to be a part of our normal day.

    I know I canít force her to like hosiery as much as I do, but I needed her to know that I think about it everyday and wear them almost everyday under my dress pants.

    So, as we laid down I told her we needed to talk... she got nervous like something was wrong. I finally told her how much I think about hosiery, how often I wear hosiery, how I love to have freshly shaven legs everyday under my hosiery, how much of a foot fetish I have, and on and on... it was hard to do because I would never want to hurt her or lose her. I just explained to her that I have no idea why I like them so much, but itís just who I am.

    Well, SHE TOTALLY ACCEPTED IT!!! And she simply said she had no idea how important this was to me. She doesnít think Iím weird, she doesnít think Iím gay, she said just be yourself!

    Iím just writing this to share my story of joy and to encourage others to NOT keep your feelings bottled up. Itís something Iíve been keeping from her for 15 years, and she didnít care one bit!!

    Now, itís not something Iím going to share just yet with my children, but at least I can get dressed without hiding, I can buy more freely from Shapings, I can lay in bed in silky thigh highs and just snuggle normal with my wonderful wife... who knows, maybe she will join me more often. I canít wait to find out!! Thereís nothing like silky legs rubbing together. After I shared this with her, we had an ďINCREDIBLEĒ evening.

    Ok guys, thanks for reading my rambling. I donít post often, but just felt like sharing with fellow hosiery lovers!!

    Have a great day!

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    Jan 2020
    Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway
    Great to hear a success story like that, BST! I can imagine how worried you'd be - as I've spoken to lots of men about this before and some of the little chats have lead to break-ups. Saying that though, I think there were already big cracks in the relationships anyway - and it wasn't just the chat about Hosiery that tipped things over... I'm really pleased for you both! Kate x

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    I to am very lucky as my wife wears them every time we play in bed
    She loves to dress up in pantyhose and heels with a sexy bra or corset for me
    She even bought me my first pair of heels and since then added 5 more pairs

    My X did know about my love for pantyhose and did try but I knew she wasn't into it
    Thanks for sharing your story

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    It's nice to hear the story where SO accepts our desires/fetishes.

    To be honest, I'm jealous. Me and my GF has been dating for about 5 years and she didn't seem bothered about my fetish that much in the beginning. Fast forward few years, she's sick of me wearing just pantyhose and T-shirt at home and think I'm gay or something. She asked if I'm turned on when wearing a pair and told me I'm mental after I said yes.

    I stopped wearing openly in front of her after she said something like "Is wearing a pair more important than pissing your girlfriend of 5 years?" I love my GF so I have decided to stop wearing openly.

    This has been a couple months and the desire to wear openly is growing back. I just to share my story and the experience of sharing your desires isn't always as smooth as the OP's.

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    Hey BST, i had a similar epxerience last year. I had kept it bottled up for so long, and just had to tell my GF. She was also nervous, as was I, but she was totally understanding, and accepting. She even said if i wanted to wear them in bed too, she was Ok with it.

    We've been having various kinds of PH fun a few times a week for about a year now. In the summer she wasn't really into it so I bought some hose sock, and that has done the trick. It's also opened up a whole foot fetish thing neither of us knew I liked haha.

    Dont keep it bottle up guys. Share and see what happens.

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    That's great, my wife is unaccepting of me wearing. She thinks that I am gay, accuses me of stealing her clothes. Since we no longer share a bed I wear pantyhose at nightor even sometimes during the day and just hide them from her. We could never fit in the same clothes!

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    Vermont, USA

    I know exactly how you felt and how you now feel!


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    Jul 2015
    My new girlfriend loves me in stockings and lingerie. Daily wear now and also for playtime.
    Life is great.

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    Mar 2021
    Congratulations lucky you.

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    hi ya steff here , my wife of 22 yrs yrs has known from day one persay , we have had lots of fun over the yrs , she has since cooled off a bit but i can freely wear as i please , i do wear everyday , stay smooth always , when we finally got married a few yrs into our relationship we both wore pantyhose on our wedding day , what a feeling is all i can say

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