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    Oroblue Magie 20

    i just purchase these for my wife. What an amazing hosiery. She loved the fit, and stayed in place. Her legs drew a lot of attention at the Christmas party. And guys, you need to try them....wow!.

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    I was just thinking about buying these today for my girlfriend! Glad you're happy with them.

    By the way, you JUST had a Christmas party? lol

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    Dec 2015
    I've also been wanting to buy these for my wife!

    Legs Sheer Energy just aren't cutting it anymore...

    What is the feel or touch? Soft or slippery?

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    Nov 2013
    Interior BC
    The Magie 20 are fantastic, I have several pairs and they certainly fit nicely, soft touch I would say and a bit slippery as mentioned "silky". I have them in Make Up and Black. Big fan of Oroblu hose.

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    May 2016
    I will try some other colors

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