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    Mar 2014
    For me fit, feel, and comfort and the most important factors. I really like Plantino Luxe 40 which are not called something else now. Silvia Grandi Silk 40 are right up there for me too. I've started liking some of Kunnert's offerings as well their support styles are very comfy and last a long time. I've also started buying a Celia de Rapheal Daily 70; great for flights and when you need that extra compression for sore legs.

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    Nov 2013
    Interior BC
    Okay, now I have to add CDR Libero seamless and CDR Eterno 15's, they are just gorgeous!

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    Oct 2016
    Hollywood, FL
    Platino Ceancut 15, CdR Sevilla, Vidrio, and Eterno 15, Agata 20, Rubino 22, Onyx 40, Uppsla, Wolford Neon 40, Gipsy gloss 10, Design gloss 15, Dorella 40, Aristoc Ultra sheer 10, Pierre Mantoux, Kunert, Oroblu and any other very glossy pantyhose.

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    Yes CdR Libero seamless are my favourites! For some reason the Platino Cleancuts don't fit me too well.

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    Sep 2019
    Oroblu Repos 70 are by far my favorite pantyhose. The compression feels just right and they are so smooth and silky with a slight sheen to them. I love the fact that they are sheer to waist I don't consider them as compression hose just a very high quality pantyhose. The only thing I wish they would come out with more colors.

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    Oct 2016
    Hollywood, FL
    Oroblu Repos 70 are really nice and comfortaable pantyhose. Higher denier lends itself to longer more durable wear and as you pointed Oroblu70 are not compression hosiery just a great pantyhose to wear for many occaisions. I agree, more colors should be available besides the black, shades of brown and white that are typically offered.

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    I find that Oroblu Sensuel 15 is the best for me, even though i find also Dore Dore and Wolford equally good (for me).

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    So Very Many to choose from....

    My Favorites (in NO Particular order)

    Wolford Fatal Neon
    Wolford Fatal 15
    Wolford Neon 40
    Wolford Neon Glanz
    Wolford Satin Touch 20
    Kunert Satin Look 20
    Pretty Polly Italia 30
    Pretty Polly Italia 15
    Pierre Mantoux Seamless Gloss 15
    Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla 15
    Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Libero 15
    Cecilia de Rafael Agata 20
    Cecilia de Rafael Onix 40
    Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala
    Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio 15
    Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 15
    Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 10
    Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 20
    Peavey High Gloss
    Hudson Glamour 20
    Silvia Grandi Top 20 Lucido
    Aire Style #947 Support Pantyhose
    Danskin Ultra Shimmery Footed Tights
    Victoria's Secret Signature Gold Collection Glossy Smooth
    Victoria's Secret Signature Gold Collection Seamless Sensations

    SO many more...but those are my TOP choices!
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    Mar 2021
    Hanes pantyhose are my favorite, I prefer Hanes & maidenform pantyhose instead of any other brand, the have pantyhose huge variety at lowest price www.apparelshopusa.com

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    Oct 2019
    Newmarket ON
    I have to say that when Aristoc Tutto Nudo pantyhose were made they were the Very best pantyhose I have ever worn. As in life ,all good things come to an end.
    They were double covered yarn, so durable, soooo silky and fit perfectly.
    Sad they are discontinued.

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