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    Favorite Pantyhose?

    Do you have a favorite brand and type of pantyhose? What are the qualities which make it so? Here are some of my choices. The important factors ,of course, are LOOKS, FEEL, FIT:

    Fogal Light and Cool LC 102 (8 denier I think) , especially in colors Fuchsia or Blanc Hiver. Their FEEL and MATT LOOK are just a sensual delight. They have a lovely narrow waist band. The fit, for me - size L - is good. Ecstasy!

    Fogal Catwalk. 10 denier. Beautiful waistband, superb quality, out -of -this- world feel and appearance.

    Wolford Individual 10. One of my long time favorites. Size Medium fits me just the way I like. Matt. Very clingy and elastic. Hard to define, but the mesh has a distinctive, gorgeous look against the skin. Black, Nearly Black, Anthracite, Steel, Fog, Cosmetic, are great shades. These tights are a sensualist's delight!

    Wolford Neon 40. Incredible, shiny slippery tights. I've only tried the Cosmetic shade so far, but have a couple more still in packets. They make some great "Trend" colors from time to time, which quickly sell out.

    Wolford Stay Hip 12 denier. Fabulous fit. Very sexy.

    Cervin Pigalle. Beautiful suspender type stockings / pantyhose. Oh, wow!

    Jonathan Aston 40 denier opaque. Great range of colours. Super fit, appearance, and sexy feel.

    Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla. Super colors. Feel good, GREAT fit - nice and long in the leg, so they can be pulled right up, to fit EVERY contour!

    BZR ombre / gradient tie - die color pantyhose - just AMAZING for beautiful color! Virivee also make a similar range. Well worth looking at.

    I could mention more, but I had better stop for now. The truth is, it is so hard to limit one's self - there are just so many fabulous pantyhose out there. It's a never ending quest to find the ultimate pair! And I want to try them all!

    PS. Please forgive me if this topic has already been covered.

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    Dec 2013
    I love the CDR Agata 20 in blue. Very soft and glossy.

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    Nov 2013
    Interior BC
    So many to wear and try out, where to begin?
    Many brands and styles, almost saying now which ones did not work out?
    Oroblu,sensal 30, make up 10 and 20, CDR's marfil and Seville, Plantino's cleancut 10 of course Silvia Grandi, Pierre Mantoux......so many!

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    May 2014
    CT, USA
    My favorites are: Wolford Neon 40, CdR Rubino 40, CdR Onix 40, Pierre Mantoux Charente 20, Peavey Shiny Tights, and for everyday wear, Silkies Control Top. As you can see I really love ultra glossy, higher denier pantyhose and tights and usually in nude or skintone shades.

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    Jun 2014
    Darien, IL. USA.
    I have many favorites. Trasparenze Christine, Silvia Grandi Top 30, Fiore Forte, Glamour Ginestra 40, CDR Miss 20 Seamless, Marilyn NudoShine 20, Hanes Alive and my first pantyhose brand that I tried many years ago, L'eggs Sheer Energy. I still have many European brands and styles that I want to try. I will be buying from here in the future. But first, I must decide what brands and styles I want to try next. So many choices.
    In Pantyhose 24/7/365 (Weather permitting).

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    Jun 2014
    My top Pantyhose are Platino Clean Cut 15 and CDR Sevilles. Platino CleanCut 10s are quickly becoming a favorite. Gabrielle Miss 15s, also a favorite. Pretty Polly 15 Gloss, Oroblu Different 15, Charnos Elegance 15, Samburu New Sahara 9's INCREDIBLE. SOOOO many to list. Basically any nice sheer, glossy nylons between 8 - 20 Denier.

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    Feb 2014
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    By far, Platino Cleancut is my favourite. Comfort, durability and the sexy look make these the best for me. You've gotta like the oiled look though or these are not for you.
    It's Time to Shine!

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    Feb 2014
    [QUOTE=Nylon4Ever;9987]My favorite pantyhose:

    (1). Mayer/Berkshire ultra sheer control top pantyhose reinforced toe style #4419 all nylon leg 15 denier (I wear them inside out).
    (2). No nonsense ultra sheer control top pantyhose reinforced toe all nylon leg 10 denier? (I wear these inside out).
    (3). Nordstrom ultra sheer control top pantyhose style #8146B 10 denier. (These must also be worn inside out for silkiest feel).

    Believe it or not, all three are tied! Yes, I'm putting the No nonsense "cheap" brand as high as the other two. The No nonsense have a wonderful feel and fit perfectly! The nicest part is no gusset which just adds to the exhilaration. They all have their pluses and I love them all so much that I will have to trade days between each styles.

    And I have some Kunert Glatt & Softig 20 all nylon leg pantyhose on the way (hopefully July 29th) so I will rate these when I can try these on. We will find out if these need to be turned inside out to be as sheer as my three current favorites.

    I hope you liked my post.[/QUOTE]
    Was always going to order the Berkshire shimmers but read reviews they weren't favorable reviews

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    Aug 2016
    Milford, Massachusetts, USA
    New to this site and just purchased some sexy nylons.

    Mostly till now I love wearing Hanes Silk Reflections. Hanes Silk Reflections Lace Top, Sandalfoot Thigh Highs, and for pantyhose I wear Hanes Silk Reflections Non-Control Top, with the Sheer Toe or Reinforced Toe Pantyhose, depending on the look I require or what my man wants. Both the thigh highs and the pantyhose look and feel so sexy. I think they are 15-20 denier, but so sheer and sexy.

    Love wearing pantyhose and thigh highs. Used to wear stockings alot, but now I just wear thigh highs with a garter belt, that way they stay up better but I get the same sexy look as stockings and garters.

    Love the Elly Sefora 30 denier Reinforced Heel and Toe pantyhose I just bought here and I also like the Kunert 20 denier pantyhose with the Reinforced Heel and Toe.

    I like the traditional reinforced heel look!

    Hoping to get some seams pantyhose too.

    Always looking for recommendations on stockings, thigh highs and pantyhose so let me know. I prefer the matt sheer ones over glossy.


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    Feb 2014
    It's hard to say could name plenty Kunert , P/P , oroblu , peavey, Platino , Trasparenze , Gipsy etc. to mention a few

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