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  1. Hello Toolman,
    Everyone here is doing well and the warehouse is still operating and shipping out great hosiery to all parts of the world. Performing a photoshoot with our male clients could be quite the task to organize and have men from the area be available at the same time and wanting to pose, especially with their faces showing publicly on the site. I'll have to think about this one.
  2. Hi Robert--Hope everyone on your end is staying safe, and in good health. When this pandemic is behind us, would you ever consider a pantyhose photo shoot like you did in the past with some of your female employees, but instead, with male customers modelling the pantyhose? I know you've already established a clientele of male buyers, but just imagine the statement and impact it would make towards men wearing pantyhose. Example: A group of various confident, male customers, dressed tastefully in shorts, skirts, dresses, whatever they are comfortable in, wearing your product, with a classic car in the background. They could be standing in front of, or leaning against the car, in various poses, displaying your products, and making a statement all at the same time. It could bring us men that wear hosiery, that much closer to being accepted in public. Just a thought. Thanks, and stay safe.
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