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  1. Toolman
    I live in Nova Scotia and I am pretty much retired. I still wear and still will not wear with shorts but that is me, I was wondering what kind of hose you wear.

  2. how are you doing would like to chat some time
  3. Hi bluesman--What brand/compression level do you wear? I started to wear in public with shorts,and don't care what people think or say. I haven't heard one comment,just a few looks. My family and neighbors know why I wear them. The only comments were from the guys at work. [ I expected that.] I refuse to stop living my life, and am not going to hide my legs, and suffer in the heat of summer by wearing long pants over my pantyhose--life is too short.for that. They are a medical garment--that's it. They are skin tone, not some wild colour that would be obvious to see. I don't wear for fashion-I wear out of health and necessity. If you don't already wear in public, I hope these words of encouragement help. Take care.
  4. yes pain in legs and swelling at times
  5. Hi Bluesman-do you have leg health issues as well? Is that why you wear support hose? Now that I have to wear them daily, I forget I have them on sometimes.
  6. hi how are you wear support hose also
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